Art Funk podcast

Our goal is to dis­cuss art in plain lan­guage, so every­one can con­tribute to the con­ver­sa­tion.

While Rachel is a pro­fes­sional artist and founder/​programming coor­di­na­tor of Sunset Art Stu­dios, I’m a designer and front-end devel­oper. We approach art dif­fer­ently, and I like to think we bal­ance each other out. 

The show

Find us on Face­book, and if you want us to visit a spe­cific exhi­bi­tion, please send us an email. And tell all of your friends. And give us five stars. But don’t you dare give us a review. No one reads reviews.


Rachel pro­duces most of the episodes, and I designed the brand and built the web­site. Ben Backus cre­ated our intro music.