Keeping Sane While Keeping Busy

June 20 2013

I’m no dif­fer­ent from many other design­ers when it comes to per­sonal projects. We like to make stuff, and since the web has such low over­head, we can make lots of stuff for cheap. 

Although work­ing on many projects may be mon­e­tar­ily inex­pen­sive, they can be very time-con­sum­ing, and that’s just as bad, if not worse. Having a full-time job in your life (whether inde­pen­dently or for some­one else), means you can’t just play all the time, even though your ideas may be ridicu­lously good.

To keep my sanity during busy times, here’s some things I try to remem­ber.

Above all, remem­ber your per­sonal projects are exactly that: Per­sonal projects. People aren’t paying you to make these, and the stress you cause your­self from them is worth less than your health and spend­ing time with your friends and family. In the web indus­try, it seems like an awe­some thing is shipped daily, and that can be intim­i­dat­ing.

Calm down, relax, and know that slow­ing down is fine, as long as you keep moving for­ward.