The Importance of Handwriting

January 27 2013

I recently cel­e­brated National Hand­writ­ing Day with some people at Weld, a cowork­ing space here in Dallas, and although I must admit I’ve never heard of National Hand­writ­ing Day until Kyle Steed posted about it, it was a fun time. (Really, since most of us were prac­ticed at draw­ing let­ter­forms, it became National Let­ter­ing Day for us.)

As I sat writ­ing the copy of a Craigslist ad, the weight of learn­ing and mas­ter­ing this skill, for both kids and adults, hit me.

Hand­writ­ing devel­ops hand-eye coor­di­na­tion, atten­tion to detail, and patience. We should be able to, on com­mand, pro­duce leg­i­ble hand-writ­ings at the min­i­mum, and writ­ings that are enjoy­able to read at best. I’m not nec­es­sar­ily talk­ing about let­ter­ing or cal­lig­ra­phy, although some hand­writ­ing could double as such, but rather common writ­ing like when taking notes or writ­ing a thank you note. That still a thing, right?

Learn to com­mand your own hand into well-writ­ten com­mu­ni­ca­tion, and I have full con­fi­dence you’ll become a more atten­tive, detail-ori­ented, patient designer.