The Internet is People

February 17 2014

I browse the Inter­net a lot. I scroll through my var­i­ous social media feeds look­ing at your lovely faces, usu­ally accom­pa­nied by short, witty biogra­phies. Some of you seem happy and friendly, some of you seem thought­ful, and some of you are just being silly. I don’t stop and think about your lives, as I doubt you think about my life when you see my face next to my tweet or post.

As I was brows­ing Imgur a few days ago, I came across this.

Screen­shot of Imgur​.com

My cyn­i­cism kicked in and I didn’t accept it. Maybe the orig­i­nal poster wanted a bunch of fake inter­net points. Maybe they are lying. Yeah, that’s it. After all, if I accept this sce­nario as real, that means cancer is also real and has claimed yet another life. And I, in my care­free scrolling while gig­gling at funny pic­tures of cute kit­tens, am con­fronted with this tan­gi­ble, inescapable pic­ture of human frailty. 

I cry, not only for OP and her loss with cancer, but also for my spirit which has at some point become numb to one simple fact: people who are as break­able as my clos­est friends and family mem­bers make up the inter­net. We can dis­miss this fact, but in doing so, we pave the way for a cal­lused expe­ri­ence; both in real” life and while brows­ing the inter­net.

About eight months prior, while she was still fight­ing her battle, she posted a gif set, where she seemed quite enthu­si­as­tic and opti­mistic.

In the com­ments, her impres­sive hope drives a knife through my heart. Even in death, and with­out ever meet­ing or even seeing this person’s face, she pro­vides inspi­ra­tion.

Thanks guys. Your love and sup­port is gonna help me through, I just know it!! I’M GONNA KICK CANCER’S ASS!!! <3 -tmo­bilekid

Rest in peace, my unmet friend.