Ultra-Positive Reframing

April 19 2016

Reframing negative statements into a positive ones is difficult but immeasurably helpful. Really, it’s removing the word “not” from the sentence. Doing this seems to speak more to the problem at hand, rather than allowing us to get sucked into a loop of negativity.


- Negative: “I am not sure about what to write about.”
+ Positive: “I am having writer’s block.“
++ Ultra-Positive: I will write about this another time.

- Negative: “That isn’t the best way to do it.”
+ Positive: “That's another way to do it.”
++ Ultra-Positive: I appreciate the new point of view.

- Negative: “I don’t know what to do.”
+ Positive: ”I am confused about what to do.”
++ Ultra-Positive: "What is something I'm absolutely sure about?"