Yes, Achieving World Peace Is Possible

September 17 2017

World hunger and world con­flict are big, impos­si­ble prob­lems. They feel too impos­si­ble to solve and too big to con­sider how to solve it, so we shrug them off as accept­able states of the world. 

In fact, World Peace™ seems so unat­tain­able, it’s used as an overex­tended punch­line to expose the naïve opti­mist. We label them as idiots with hearts too big for real­ity.

Narrow the Focus

There are many things that con­tribute to the tur­moil in the world, and hunger is big one. How­ever, feed­ing every­one in the world is non-spe­cific, so let’s narrow the focus on your city. If you live in a big metro­plex, that’s could also feel too impos­si­ble. Are there hungry people in your neigh­bor­hood? Again, that prob­lem might be too neb­u­lous.

Are there hungry people on your block or in your build­ing? Now we’re con­cen­trat­ing our atten­tion on a per­sonal level; these are people that are right next to you. 

But sup­pose you actu­ally don’t know. Now we have a step we can take. Once you under­stand the people around you, you can see their prob­lem. Their strug­gles become vis­ceral and affect you, and it becomes real. Feed­ing the entire con­ti­nent of Africa” is pretty vague, but asking how’s your week going” to your neigh­bor is a step you can take today to get there.

Maybe the people around you need food, their fence repaired, or the poison ivy trimmed from their tree. Maybe they need a ride to the gro­cery store every week or $300 to cover rent. Figure out what you can do, and on Sep­tem­ber 21—Inter­na­tional Day of Peace—lend a hand to add some peace to the world.

Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by under­stand­ing.
–Albert Ein­stein