Here’s some original art, as in, there’s just one of each available. Act fast!

  • Where is your focus?

    7" x 6"

    Painted for my kindred ADHD spirits, this recycled "Free Wifi" magnet is a great external reminder to check on your focus.

    $40 1 available
  • Nope

    12" x 5"

    Handpainted on a piece of wood, I hope this piece of lettering encourages you to say "NOPE" when you want to.

    $80 1 available
  • Shiny Ampersand

    11" x 14"

    A shiny, 3D ampersand handpainted with iridescent red/purple paint, metallic silver, reflective gold and copper background, and (of course) glittery details.

    $90 1 available
  • Life & Love

    5.5" x 7"

    This started as nothing but italic gothic calligraphy, and turned into a metallic gold, copper, bronze, and silver artwork that feels like it's from the medieval times.

    $50 1 available
  • Time

    4" x 7"

    Italic calligraphy with silver metallic paint that reminds us to consider the time we have and the time we're in.

    $35 1 available

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