On Listening To Music

April 17 2013

Just like any designer, I listen to music for inspiration, to keep a steady pace, and to keep myself awake while designing. My music choices differ as much as the design I’m working on or the mood I’m in, and may change from hour to hour. Folk, dubstep, rap, classic rock, current rock, soundtracks, soundscapes, or bad pop music are common types of music that fill my head and influence my designs.

Sometimes though, music gets to be a bit much, and I cannot stand to listen to another second of it. It happens every few days when I’ve been listening to music, seemingly non-stop, and suddenly, I realize the painful noise that the world calls music is making me sick, and I have to get away from it as soon as possible. 

When I need music, it’s like coming to a undisturbed pond. I must disrupt it, and so I find a sizable rock and toss it a few feet in front of me. The ripples form from the epicenter and reverberate off the shore, and soon enough the entire pond is filled with fading ripples that overlap each other. At this point, most people will walk away from the actual pond with the full understanding it will soon return to its calm state. 

However, when it comes to music, it seems that I stay there and continue throwing stones of varying sizes into the pond. I’ll throw my dubstep rock (it’s very jagged and brightly colored), and soon after, my smooth folksy stone will be tossed way on the other side of the pond so its ripples take a few minutes to reach me. A little while later, the Lady Gaga or Blackalicious or The Black Keys or Ellie Goulding rocks all go in, one after another. 

Then I’ve realized that I’ve forgotten what a beautiful sight the pristine untouched pond looked like in the first place, and I want it to be still.

When we’ve thrown so many rocks and stones and tree branches in an effort to enhance the beauty of the natural stillness, we can easily lose sight of the pond itself.

If we keep on, there won’t be any pond left.