The Internet is People

February 17 2014

I browse the Internet a lot. I scroll through my various social media feeds looking at your lovely faces, usually accompanied by short, witty biographies. Some of you seem happy and friendly, some of you seem thoughtful, and some of you are just being silly. I don’t stop and think about your lives, as I doubt you think about my life when you see my face next to my tweet or post.

As I was browsing Imgur a few days ago, I came across this.

Screenshot of Imgur​.com

My cynicism kicked in and I didn’t accept it. Maybe the original poster wanted a bunch of fake internet points. Maybe they are lying. Yeah, that’s it. After all, if I accept this scenario as real, that means cancer is also real and has claimed yet another life. And I, in my carefree scrolling while giggling at funny pictures of cute kittens, am confronted with this tangible, inescapable picture of human frailty. 

I cry, not only for OP and her loss with cancer, but also for my spirit which has at some point become numb to one simple fact: people who are as breakable as my closest friends and family members make up the internet. We can dismiss this fact, but in doing so, we pave the way for a callused experience; both in real” life and while browsing the internet.

About eight months prior, while she was still fighting her battle, she posted a gif set, where she seemed quite enthusiastic and optimistic.

In the comments, her impressive hope drives a knife through my heart. Even in death, and without ever meeting or even seeing this person’s face, she provides inspiration.

Thanks guys. Your love and support is gonna help me through, I just know it!! I’M GONNA KICK CANCER’S ASS!!! <3 -tmobilekid

Rest in peace, my unmet friend.