Ready Kid

Ready Kid is a versatile, funky display typeface that is inspired by freehand signpainting with a dose of childhood nostalgia. It’s perfect for children’s birthday party invitations, punk band marketing, or packaging for art supplies.

There are six sets of stylistic alternatives, 340+ ligatures, and 1200+ glyphs that cover 200+ languages.

Ready Kid is based on hand-painted signs in Oak Cliff, Texas.

A font with these kind of letterforms needs to feel organic and as randomized as possible. This means a lot of ligatures and contextual alternatives.

Ready Kid works with 203 languages, including Icelandic.

Why Icelandic? I went there for two weeks in 2019 and learned about two letters I’d never seen before: Ð and Þ,

I just think they’re cool letterforms, so I added those as well.

There are three styles of uppercase letters and three styles of lower case letters.

You can use correct capitalization with Ready Kid, SO NO NEED TO TYPE LIKE THIS TO FORCE CAPITALIZATION.

Ligatures galore!

Ready Kid has well over 300 ligatures to really make it feel like hand-painted signs it’s based on.